Our Mission


Our Mission

AlexRenew provides essential wastewater services for Alexandria and parts of Fairfax County, VA —
protecting its citizens, delivering healthier waterways to the region, and building a lasting legacy of
environmental stewardship within the community it serves.

Our Vision

Every drop of water contributes to a thriving community and healthy environment for all

Our Mission

Treat wastewater to protect public health and the waterways that connect us

Our Goals

Operational Excellence

Taking proactive steps to meet current and future challenges

Thriving Workforce

Investing in our staff and fostering a culture of belonging

Strategic Partnerships

Promoting watershed-level thinking through collaboration and advocacy

Environmental Sustainability 

Being good stewards of our resources to minimize our impact on the environment

Commitment to the Community

Strengthening connections with the public and providing affordable service 

Our Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan Cover
Strategic Plan Cover