The RiverRenew Program Nears 70 Percent Completion


The RiverRenew Program Nears 70 Percent Completion

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AlexRenew’s ambitious environmental initiative continues to make significant progress despite unprecedented challenges.

AlexRenew’s RiverRenew program is well on its way to delivering healthier waterways to the region. While Alexandria eats, sleeps, works, and plays, RiverRenew construction crews work tirelessly 150-feet below ground to complete the largest infrastructure project in the history of Alexandria. Despite the challenges faced from lingering COVID-19 impacts and global supply chain interruptions, construction on this massive environmental initiative continues to make steady progress. Less than a half-mile of the 12-foot-wide, two-mile-long waterfront tunnel remains to be constructed to connect the existing combined sewer outfalls to AlexRenew’s wastewater treatment plant. Crews are also busy working on a new sewer interceptor; 12-story-deep, 65-foot-wide pumping station; and massive shafts that will function as a system to improve the health and quality of the waterways that connect us.

To date, AlexRenew has expended $388 million in support of RiverRenew, over half of which has been invested back into Virginia and the region through the employment of local firms and trades.

Water Front Tunnel
Water Front Tunnel

“Global events continue to cause supply chain issues, hindering our ability to efficiently procure necessary resources to support construction activities,” noted AlexRenew General Manger and CEO Justin Carl. “Despite these challenges, AlexRenew is committed to delivering this once-in-a-generation project while maintaining quality and ensuring the safety of our crews and community.”

These impacts have resulted in a 90-day delay that will put AlexRenew in conflict with the program’s statutory deadline enacted by the Virginia General Assembly in 2017. The deadline established an aggressive schedule to complete the planning, design, procurement, and construction of RiverRenew by July 1, 2025.

AlexRenew, in partnership with the City of Alexandria, is currently working with legislators to develop an extension to the 2025 statutory deadline. Extending the deadline will help mitigate risk, ensure quality and the safety of staff and crews. AlexRenew received support from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and key stakeholders on the requested extension and legislation.

Despite the challenges, RiverRenew will play a pivotal role in the future health of the Potomac River. Once complete, the Waterfront Tunnel and other key infrastructure will prevent over 120 million gallons of sewage mixed with rainwater from entering the Potomac River each year. The dramatic reduction in pollution will improve aquatic habitats, reduce bacteria, and create healthier waterways for future generations.

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