AlexRenew Announces Brand Refresh


AlexRenew Announces Brand Refresh

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The branding effort includes a new logo, color scheme, and name adaptation.

Beginning September 1, 2023, Alexandria Renew Enterprises will officially become AlexRenew. As part of the organization's rebranding effort, AlexRenew is launching its new logo and updated color palette.

"We're excited to share the new AlexRenew brand" explains AlexRenew's General Manager and CEO Justin Carl. "Our name change represents the natural evolution of our brand, as many of our stakeholders already refer to us as AlexRenew."

AlexRenew also oversees the RiverRenew program, the largest infrastructure project in Alexandria’s history that will prevent millions of gallons of combined sewage from polluting the Potomac River, Hunting Creek, and Hooffs Run each year. The new AlexRenew logo includes fonts and symbols that mirror the RiverRenew brand, which is well-recognized within Alexandria.

"AlexRenew continues to evolve to protect the waterways that connect us," notes Carl. "It seems appropriate to revisit the AlexRenew brand now, as we as we build toward a more sustainable future."



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